Yomen Cloud, a new social media platform, is launched

A technology firm has introduced a new social media platform called Yomen Cloud, which focuses on being non-seductive and anti-pornography, with the goal of promoting moral values.


During the launch event, Marypearl Nate, Itek’s Head of Marketing for the Africa Region, emphasized the strategic choice of Nigeria as the location for the global launch. Nigeria is one of the world’s largest consumers of the internet and home to potential software application experts.


Nate revealed that Yomen Cloud will have subsequent global launches in other regions, including Asia, America, the UK, Russia, China, France, and more.


The launch date, September 13, 2023, was dubbed a “social media sanitation day,” with Yomen Cloud deploying artificial intelligence and indigenous technological research to create an app that filters out nude images and morally indecent content from the platform.


He mentioned that Yomen Cloud offers users more than three times the features available on other social media platforms combined.


Josh Palmas, an Itek engineer, highlighted some of Yomen Cloud’s features, including attractive advertising rates, end-to-end encryption for voice and video

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