FG and partners to team up on healthcare quality – a joint effort for better health

Minister of Health, Dr. Mohammad Ali Pate, has affirmed the federal government’s commitment to enhancing healthcare services in collaboration with the Global Fund and other development partners. This announcement came during a visit to Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf in Kano, led by the minister and representatives from the Global Fund and other development partners.


Dr. Pate emphasized President Bola Tinubu’s administration’s dedication to improving healthcare service delivery and praised the contribution of religious leaders in healthcare in the state. He highlighted that Kano was chosen as the first state to visit due to its significant population and the need to address various health challenges.


He stressed the importance of health in a nation’s development agenda and the need to collaborate to address health issues like malaria, particularly in states like Kano.


The minister mentioned that development partners are coming together to support Nigeria in improving its population’s health.


Governor Abba Yusuf expressed appreciation for the visit and noted the healthcare and poverty challenges faced by the people of Kano. He commended the efforts of development partners in fighting diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria.


In summary, Dr. Pate emphasized the government’s commitment to improving healthcare, while Governor Yusuf appreciated the support from development partners in addressing healthcare challenges in Kano.

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