Thrillers provides 1,000 Nigerians with travel Visas to Canada

Thrillers Travels has announced that 1,000 beneficiaries took part in its ongoing Migration VISA to Canada initiative on September 2nd, 2023, in Lagos. The announcement was made during a media briefing at the company’s head office in Lekki, Lagos. The co-founder of Thrillers Travels, Ambassador Moses Adebisi, shared details about the scheme and the upcoming launch of the company at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Adebisi explained that Thrillers Travels aims to empower people with working VISAs for settling in Canada, rather than just visiting or tourist VISAs. The company’s vision is centered on national development through exposure and learning in different environments. Adebisi highlighted the company’s capable workforce, credibility, and honest handling of migration issues as reasons why Nigerians should trust Thrillers Travels.

The company has already received over 700 entries and is awaiting around 300 more to reach a total of one thousand beneficiaries. Interested participants with valid international passports can submit their entries on Thrillers Travels’ website before September 2, 2023, or attend the unveiling event at Oriental Hotel.

Regarding the VISA application process, Adebisi mentioned that the firm expects the VISA processes to take three to four months. He emphasized the company’s goal to migrate over 6.3 million Nigerians in four years to empower individuals with international exposure, enabling them to contribute to Nigeria’s development.

Thrillers Travels aims to make a positive impact on the country’s future by empowering Nigerians with opportunities to learn, work, and contribute to national development based on their experiences abroad.

Edited By Damilola Adeleke

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