NAFSA Raises Concerns Over Frequent Runway Excursions at Lagos Airport

Aviation leaders have voiced their concerns about the recent surge in runway excursions at Lagos Airport.

The Nigerian Aviation Fire and Safety Association (NAFSA) highlighted these issues during a meeting with the Director General of the National Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB), Captain Alex Badeh (Jnr), in Abuja. NAFSA President Comrade Sunday Ugbeikwu pointed out the troubling frequency of runway excursions involving two aircraft in Lagos.

Ugbeikwu noted that the short interval between these incidents is alarming for firefighters. He also referenced a recent similar event in Abuja involving an Azman Air B737, although the circumstances differed from those in Lagos.

Comrade Ugbeikwu emphasized the need for strict implementation of NSIB safety recommendations to prevent further incidents, warning that the high rate of aircraft excursions endangers the aviation sector.

In response, Captain Badeh reassured that the NSIB would continue to work diligently and collaborate with NAFSA to maintain safety standards.

Badeh urged NAFSA to work with regulators, including the NCAA and other aviation agencies, to ensure the safety recommendations are implemented effectively.

He also praised the firefighters for their swift response to the recent Dana Air incident in Lagos, despite the crew not declaring an emergency.

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