35 alleged drug traffickers were arrested in Anambra.

35 people have been arrested by the Anambra State Government’s Joint Taskforce (JTF) on Security on suspicion of participating in different crimes in the state. They were detained by members of the Anambra Vigilante Group AVG and the Special Joint Task Force (JTF) that is leading Operation Clean and Health Anambra (Ocha Brigade). The suspects were taken into custody on suspicion of selling drugs, smoking Indian hemp, extorting cash from drivers, picking pockets, and other offenses.
Anthony Agbafune, the Ocha Brigade’s Public Relations Officer PRO, commented on the arrest by saying that the organization was committed to maintaining the state’s cleanliness and health for its citizens.
He claimed that the individuals detained were terrorizing the state and the environment and that they were also engaged in robbing innocent bystanders, dealing hard narcotics (mkpurumiri) to young people, and stealing from and extorting money from motorists. He claimed that the governor had ordered them to purge Anambra state of the bad apples that were poisoning the environment. He remarked, “We have the governor’s mandate to sanitize the state and make it habitable.
The suspects will be given to the proper authority for arraignment, according to Agbafune. “We will soon transfer those drug suspects to the Ministry of Justice, Police, and National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDELA) for further action.

He explained, “Our responsibility is to select the defaulters, document them, and transfer them to the appropriate agency for necessary action.” In keeping with the governor’s vision of a clean and healthy Anambra state, he claimed that the agency was devoted to eliminating the annoyance.

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