Nigeria’s Third Mainland bridge repair delayed due to rain downpours

The Third Mainland Bridge’s anticipated partial closure for repairs has been postponed by the Lagos State Government indefinitely.

The government had scheduled the bridge’s shutdown for two Sundays to enable periodic maintenance on it.

The Third Mainland Bridge was originally scheduled for closure on Sunday 17th and Sunday 24th September, 2023.

The commissioner for transportation Oluwaseun Osiyemi, said in a statement on Saturday that the postponement was caused by heavy rain experienced around the town.

Osiyemi noted how the rain had an impact on the preliminary planning for the Lagos State Public Works Corporation’s anticipated palliative works on the bridge’s asphalt pavement.

He promised that the palliative works would be properly communicated at a later date that would depend on the weather.

The transport commissioner asked drivers to keep using the bridge while observing safety precautions.

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