Phaneroo Ministries, a well-known Ugandan Christian organization under the leadership of Grace Lubega Matovu, celebrated its ninth anniversary in style. They gathered 926 members at the UMA Multipurpose Hall in Kampala for an event called “Clap for Jesus.”

Known for their enthusiastic gatherings, Phaneroo aimed to break the world record for the longest applause. The congregation clapped continuously for an impressive 3 hours and 16 minutes, maintaining an average sound level of 88.5 dB. This accomplishment was validated as they remained above the required 80 dB throughout.

Their dedication was clear, as participants had to clap continuously; anyone who discontinued was promptly removed by stewards. Bathroom breaks were not allowed, but if someone got thirsty, a janitor helped them sip water while clapping.

This record-breaking event was live-streamed, with viewers from across Uganda joining in the applause to show support. Grace Lubega, the leader of Phaneroo Ministries, explained, “In a time where many are struggling, I wanted to bring people to a place of thanksgiving and celebration. Our message to the world is that regardless of struggles, we must make room for gratitude.”

The previous record, set in 2019, was 2 hours and 5 minutes by Clark Stevens and The Festival of Awesomeness (UK). The longest applause record was originally established in 1991 by Spanish opera singer Plácido Domingo, who received applause for 1 hour and 20 minutes after a performance in Vienna.

Edited By Damilola Adeleke

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