UCH Ibadan equipped with HPV Machine for cancer treatment

Atila Biosystems, a new technology was delivered to the Centre For Infectious Disease Institute, University College Hospital, UCH, Ibadan for the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer, specifically by screening and testing for the Human Papinoma Virus, HPV.

The first HPV testing equipment in Nigeria was obtained as a grant from Northwestern University in Chicago.

Former Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole, expressed confidence that the new HPV testing technology known as Atila Biosystems would assist Nigeria in joining the international agenda of vaccinating women and girls against cervical cancer, which is set to begin next month.

The Former Minister said the World Health Organization, WHO mandated HPV test as a prerequisite for screening, Nigeria must prioritize the HPV testing.

Professor Adewole explained that the first phase of the vaccination is expected to take off in sixteen states and second phase in fourteen states.

According to him, cervical cancer is an uncommon complications of a common sexually transmitted infection.

Director, Centre For Global Oncology, Northwestern University, Chicago, Dr Lifang Hou explained that the best way to prevent Cervical Cancer was through early testing of Human Papinoma Virus, HPV which usually comes with HIV.

The Principal investigator in the projects, Dr Oludare Morhason-Bello said the new Atila Biosystems equipment for HPV testing, was a user friendly with low level involvement of laboratory services technology which will produce test results within an hour.

Dr Morhason-Bello said the overall benefits of the technology was the reduction of cervical cancer, while women should present themselves for screening early at all times.

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