Stakeholders express concerns over counterfeit Casio calculators and educational materials flooding the market

In a recent conference highlighting Casio’s efforts in advancing education in Nigeria, Mrs. Temilola Adepetun, Managing Director of SKLD Integrated Services Limited, expressed deep concern over the escalating presence of counterfeit calculators and educational products in the country. She urged the government to take action and cleanse the system to deter such practices.

Adepetun decried the influx of fake calculators into Nigeria, emphasizing that the country has become a destination for these counterfeit goods. During her speech, she raised questions about the role of government agencies and examination bodies in enforcing regulations and ensuring students have access to genuine calculators.

Expressing alarm over the accuracy of these fake calculators, Adepetun stressed the urgent need to purify the education materials from top to bottom. She pointed out the crucial importance of calculators in various science subjects, particularly mathematics, which is a prerequisite for university admission.

Adepetun highlighted the need for integrity among traders, encouraging them to sell authentic calculators and educate others in their markets or organizations. She emphasized the importance of distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit products, to improve the overall quality of education.

Koichi Danjo, an Education Specialist from Casio in Japan, shared that his organization has introduced a new method of studying mathematics using scientific calculators, which is not yet widespread in Nigerian markets. He explained that Casio is selecting schools to provide comprehensive mathematics lessons that incorporate the use of scientific calculators. Danjo expressed confidence that integrating these calculators into classrooms and training teachers to utilize them effectively will significantly enhance the quality of education and students’ academic performance.

Drawing on the success of a pilot project conducted in six Lagos schools the previous year, Danjo emphasized the substantial improvement in results among students who used scientific calculators compared to those who did not. He concluded by stating their intention to expand this initiative to schools throughout the country.

Edited by Damilola Adeleke

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