Poor performance triggers impending shake-up in Delta Queens FC

A significant reorganization is on the horizon for Delta Queens FC of Asaba following their failure to qualify for the 2023/23 CAF Women’s Champions League. Delta Queens were defeated by Ampem Darkoa of Ghana, who won 1-0 in the final play-off match in Benin City, Edo State, last week, clinching the CAF Champions League WAFU B ticket.

Reports suggest that the Delta State government is displeased with the conduct of the team’s officials and some players. It’s alleged that on the day of the final match, their focus shifted towards the payment of allowances instead of concentrating on the game.

An insider claims that officials of the Delta State Sports Commission may have misappropriated funds allocated by the state government for the team during the competition. The club officials allegedly received allowances for just one day in July and August, along with N60,000 for three match bonuses, but they were denied the approved daily allowance of $100 per person by Governor Sheriff Oborevwori.

Chairman of the Delta Sports Commission, Tonobok Okowa, denied the allegations of fund embezzlement. He explained that he had taken personal measures to support the team, borrowing money to pay the players and appealing to the officials to wait for government funds. He emphasized that the money was approved by the governor and was disbursed on the eve of the final match.

Despite his efforts, news of alleged embezzlement began circulating before the final match, causing disappointment and frustration. Okowa expressed sadness over the officials’ behavior and stated that some of them and players would need to be removed from the team due to their conduct during the WAFU B play-off.

The incident highlights the challenges and disputes within the club, which will likely lead to significant changes in its structure and personnel.

Edited By Damilola Adeleke

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