Nigerians urged to be patient as ACC promises to rescue Nigeria by 2027

Allied Conservative Congress (ACC) Encourages Nigerians to Stay Patient, Promises to Save Nigeria by 2027 On the occasion of this year’s Democracy Day and the 25th anniversary of uninterrupted democracy, the prominent political movement, the Allied Conservative Congress (ACC), has urged Nigerians to persevere amidst the current economic challenges.

The ACC emphasized that June 12 symbolizes Nigerians’ belief in democracy and their determination to strengthen it further. In a statement signed by its National Secretary, Alhaji `, the ACC commended Nigerians for upholding democratic principles despite facing numerous challenges resulting from ineffective leadership.

The ACC reaffirmed its faith in constitutional governance and stressed the importance of making democracy work for the benefit of the masses. Acknowledging the nation’s current state as dire, with governments failing in their constitutional duties and various issues such as terrorism, economic stagnation, ethnic tensions, corruption, and leadership inadequacies plaguing the country, the ACC highlighted the urgent need for action. Formed recently as a unifying platform for democratic individuals wishing to rescue Nigeria from descending into anarchy and violence by non-state actors, the ACC aims to rebuild the nation based on conservative values of integrity, morality, transparency, equity, unity, security, and prosperity.

The ACC expressed solidarity with the people during these trying times and assured them of a brighter future. Encouraging hope and unity, the movement called on Nigerians to join them in holding all levels of government accountable. The ACC expressed confidence that it would soon be registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as a political party espousing conservative ideals, with the goal of providing ethical leadership, fostering economic growth, ensuring stability, and promoting unity and development to restore Nigeria’s former glory. The movement plans to participate in the 2027 general elections, fielding competent candidates who will address national challenges such as insecurity, economic downturn, political unrest, unemployment, and hardship.

ACC emphasized the need for compassionate and visionary leadership with a conservative outlook to guide the country towards progress. Concluding their statement, the ACC extended advance greetings to Muslim faithful ahead of the Eid-ul-Kabeer celebrations and positioned itself as the solution to Nigeria’s longstanding challenges, aiming to bring about positive change and secure the nation’s future.

As the 2027 general election approaches, the ACC stands ready to challenge the ruling party and lead Nigeria towards a brighter tomorrow.

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