NICRAT to Establish National Cancer Registry

The National Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (NICRAT) has announced plans to create a standardized national cancer registry and data system to combat the growing cancer challenges in Nigeria.

NICRAT’s Director-General, Dr. Usman Aliyu, revealed at a workshop in Abuja that the registry is 90 percent complete and is expected to be fully operational within four months.

Dr. Aliyu emphasized that the registry is crucial for public health and cancer surveillance, as it will provide high-quality data on cancer incidence, risk factors, and outcomes for specific populations.

He also highlighted the necessity for additional training for frontline health personnel and registry directors on cancer screening techniques and cancer care.

Coordinator for the African Cancer Registry Network, Professor Maxwell Parkin, called for increased funding to strengthen the registry and support national planning efforts against cancer.

Professor Emmanuel Ezeome, President of the West African College of Surgeons, noted that the training is timely and will equip stakeholders with the statistics and reliable data needed for effective cancer management and control in the country.

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