Labour Leaders Reopen Oyo State Secretariat

The state leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) have reopened the Oyo State government secretariat following the suspension of the national strike.

Initially, union leaders had blocked the secretariat’s entrance gates and enforced a sit-at-home directive by patrolling various ministries, departments, and agencies, effectively halting all activities within the secretariat.

Labour leaders stationed at the entrance refused entry to anyone, while food vendors capitalized on the situation by selling food and water to stranded workers outside the gates.

However, after receiving the new directive to suspend the strike, TUC Chairman Comrade Bosun Olabiyi quickly convened a meeting with all labour leaders, briefed them, and instructed immediate compliance with the national directive.

Despite the reopening of the gates, the secretariat remained largely deserted. Nonetheless, individuals conducting business in and around the secretariat were allowed access without restriction. Security within the secretariat remained tight.

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