Kukah Centre Develops Toolkit for Political Party Management

The Kukah Centre, supported by the European Union, is creating a political party management toolkit to guide both established and emerging political parties in enhancing their structures for national growth and development.

At a validation workshop in Abuja, the Executive Director of the Kukah Centre, Father Atta Barkindo, emphasized the importance of strong political parties with positive ideologies for the democratic process of any country.

Father Barkindo noted that each political party should have unique structures and operations, similar to those in developed countries. “The toolkit is simply a guide to support political parties in managing their operations,” he stated.

He stressed the need to consider Nigeria’s social, economic, and traditional contexts when adopting the political party management toolkit for each party.

Programme Manager of the project, Mr. Esrom Ajanya, explained that the validation meeting aimed to gather additional input for the toolkit. He highlighted that the project, supported by the European Union’s Democratic Governance in Nigeria (EU-SDGN), aims to improve efficiency and ensure effective decision-making within political parties.

“This framework is designed to establish the minimum standards for setting up and effectively managing political parties and associations,” Ajanya said.

He added that the toolkit would also ensure compliance with regulatory or legal frameworks and guide parties in managing their membership drives and ideologies.

Participants at the event, including Mr. Simeon Karioru, Bayelsa State Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) Chairman, and Ichie Ekeh, Imo State IPAC Chairman, identified funding as a major challenge facing political parties in Nigeria.

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