King Felipe of Spain was ‘crushed and destroyed’ over wife Queen Letizia’s ‘infidelities’ as he was ‘aware she was cheating on him in real time’

King Felipe of Spain was “crushed and destroyed” over his wife Queen Letizia’s alleged infidelity, according to a bombshell new book.


The Spanish royal family has been rocked by new claims made by journalist Jaime Peñafiel, who has covered the royals for decades.


In his latest work, titled “Letizia’s Silences,” released in Spain Wednesday, May 29, Peñafiel, 91, claimed the king of Spain was “aware that Letizia was cheating on him in real time” as her bodyguards have an obligation to report on her whereabouts.


The royal author alleges that bodyguards joined the queen on a trip to New York back in 2011, during which she was accompanied by her rumored “lover” Jaime del Burgo.


Letizia, 51, reportedly dated del Burgo before meeting King Felipe in 2002.


“That day [in New York], she was accompanied by her faithful escorts, who, without a doubt, any, they would pass a report to the Ministry of the Interior or [the Palace of] Zarzuela,” Peñafiel wrote in his book, according to Daily Mail.


He added that Felipe, 56, was left “crushed and destroyed” by Letizia’s alleged “betrayal,” and was “plunged into hell” and “wants to get out.”


The Queen’s alleged lover Del Burgo, 54, who is currently based in the UK, contributed in January to Peñafiel’s tell-all book about Letizia.


The entrepreneur, who is the son of former politician Jaime Ignacio del Burgo, was married to Letizia’s sister Telma from 2012 to 2014.


Based on the allegations, this means that Del Burgo slept with two sisters – Queen Letizia and her sister Telma whom he eventually married.


In Peñafiel’s first book, del Burgo claimed that he and Queen Letizia were still romantically involved after Letizia tied the knot with Felipe in 2004.


Prior to her wedding to Felipe, Letizia was previously married to literature teacher Alonso Guerrero Perez from 1998 to 1999.


Del Burgo claimed that he was dating Letizia when she met King Felipe, and that he was planning to propose to Letizia when she announced that she was dating a mysterious “diplomat” over dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz hotel in Madrid in 2002.


In his new book, Peñafiel also claimed that “everything in Letizia’s world has been broken” as a result of her alleged “deceit, adultery and betrayals.”


The veteran reporter took further aim at the queen’s character, claiming she is “cold, indestructible and determined” and often “resorts to silence as a way of controlling and punishing other people.”


In January, Peñafiel was let go from the Spanish newspaper El Mundo after a 20-year tenure.


His sudden departure from the publication took place shortly after he made a series of damaging allegations about the royal family in his first book, titled “Letizia & I.”


In the book, released Jan. 30, Peñafiel alleged that Letizia was embroiled in an affair with del Burgo — a claim he doubled down on in his latest book.


Elsewhere, the veteran royal reporter labeled Letizia “emotionally immature.”


He also claimed that she is “hated” by Felipe’s family.


Peñafiel claims that Letizia’s “passive aggressive” nature is the reason Felipe’s mother, Queen Sofia, and his sisters Infanta Cristina and the Duchess of Lugo, “hate her so much.”


Felipe and Letizia tied the knot in a lavish ceremony on May 22, 2004.


They celebrated their 20th anniversary last week. To mark the special occasion, the couple released official family portraits last week.


In the photos, the pair posed alongside their two daughters, Princesses Leonor and Sofia.


King Felipe of Spain was ?crushed and destroyed? over wife Queen Letizia?s ?infidelities? as he was

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