Israel Orders Evacuation of Khan Younis

The Israeli army has issued a mass evacuation order for Palestinians in much of Khan Younis, indicating a potential new ground offensive in Gaza Strip’s second-largest city.

According to AP News, this move suggests that Khan Younis will become the latest focus of Israeli raids as they target regrouping Hamas militants in previously invaded areas of Gaza.

Earlier this year, much of Khan Younis suffered significant destruction from an extensive assault. However, many Palestinians have since returned, seeking refuge from another Israeli offensive in Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city.

The evacuation order coincides with Israel’s release of the director of Gaza’s main hospital, who had been detained for seven months without charge over allegations of the hospital being used as a Hamas command center—claims he and other Palestinian health officials have denied.

The release of Abu Selmia has sparked widespread outrage in Israel’s political sphere, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office calling it “a grave mistake.” Both government ministers and opposition leaders have condemned the decision, asserting Abu Selmia’s alleged involvement in Hamas activities, despite Israeli security services typically conducting thorough investigations before releasing prisoners with suspected militant ties.

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