Gorillas face extinction, as the World celebrate Gorilla day

World Gorilla Day joins together people from around the world to raise awareness for gorillas and their conservation.

In commemoration of this year’s World gorilla day, Wild Africa Fund says commercial bushmeats, tree felling and habitat destruction may push gorillas into extinction.

The fund in statement celebrating the day says Gorillas can be a source of revenue through tourism.

The statement calls on Nigerian public to support in safeguarding the remaining population of gorillas.

It notes that the Cross River gorillas live in the mountains between Nigeria and Cameroon and it’s Africa’s most endangered ape species

“The Cross River gorilla is one of Nigeria’s most iconic and cherished wildlife species but faces numerous threats, including hunting and habitat loss due to agricultural expansion, commercial logging, and the encroachment of human settlements into its habitat” it adds.

Also Commenting on the day, the Nigeria Representative at Wild Africa Fund. Mr. Festus Iyorah said, “We can’t afford to lose even one of our 100 Cross River gorillas at this critical stage. Let us all come together to protect the Cross River gorilla and ensure that this remarkable species continues to thrive in our country for generations to come”.

Wild Africa Fund acknowledged efforts of National Park Service and Cross River State Government in collaboration with local and international conservation organizations on protecting gorilla’s habitat, enforce anti-poaching laws, and promote community-based conservation initiatives.

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