Gombe governor mourns death of prominent Islamic cleric

Governor Muhammadu Yahaya of Gombe State expressed deep sorrow over the tragic killing of Sheikh Ibrahim Albani, a respected Islamic scholar. The scholar was brutally murdered by alleged thieves who invaded his residence in the Tabra area along the state metropolis bypass.

Governor Yahaya attended the funeral prayer for Sheikh Ibrahim Albani at the Bolari Izala Mosque in Gombe, where he strongly condemned the heinous criminal act. He highlighted the impact of the incident on the prevailing peace and security enjoyed within the state, and reassured the citizens of Gombe that the government is committed to upholding their safety.

Yahaya emphasized that comprehensive measures would be taken, employing the strength of the state’s resources to eliminate criminals from all corners and ensure that those responsible for this crime are brought to justice to prevent its recurrence.

In honor of Sheikh Ibrahim Albani’s memory, Governor Yahaya called for continued vigilance and unity among the people. He encouraged the community to uphold the values of empathy and solidarity that religious leaders tirelessly promote. He acknowledged the scholar’s significant role in shaping countless lives through his teachings and guidance.

Governor Yahaya reflected on Sheikh Ibrahim’s legacy as a beacon of knowledge, understanding, and unity that transcended boundaries. The loss of this revered scholar was acknowledged as a profound one, with his legacy continuing to inspire and unite people in the future.

Edited By Damilola Adeleke

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