FUOYE Student Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault on Male Peer

A 400-level student at the Federal University, Oye Ekiti (FUOYE) has been detained by police for allegedly raping a fellow male student.

The incident reportedly occurred on Monday when the accused student, identified as Asiwaju, was apprehended for the alleged sexual assault. Eyewitnesses state that Asiwaju was caught in the act at his residence, with evidence of the assault found at the scene. The swift response from the police prevented a potential lynching by enraged students.

The incident has sparked significant reactions online, particularly on the social media platform X.

User @enyinwa_ expressed outrage, stating, “If you are a man, and you find your fellow man attractive, a dog has more value than you.”

Another user, @FavoriteNorah, criticized the reaction of some commenters, saying, “Why are people laughing in the comment section? So rape is now a funny matter? Or is it because it’s a man?”

User @areme007 highlighted concerns about the institution, commenting, “Omo wahala dey o. What is really happening in this school called FUOYE? They’re always in the news, Kilode. Male student, raped another male student.”

@TugClassic added, “Ahhh, wetin never happen Bob Risky don happen to Bob Reckless. Please Why is Eleshin feeling too proud with his pot belly.”

In contrast, @AdsKaapo promoted a service amidst the discussions, stating, “With Kaapo, you can pay bills, and refill airtime and data conveniently. We’ve designed a simple and secure way to top up and pay bills online.”

Another user lamented the state of society, writing, “God what is this world turning into like this. What tf do you find attractive in a fellow man to the point of raping the person. Aye gbogbo yin shey wa baje bayii.”

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