Fani-Kayode urges Tinubu to condemn Hamas rocket attacks on Israel

A former minister of aviation and Director of Tinubu/Shettima 2023 Presidential Campaign, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has asked President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to condemn the vicious attack on the state of Israel by Hama militants yesterday.

Israel came under sudden heavy attack yesterday by Hamas terrorists with hundreds of Israelis killed and several others taken hostage

Following the incident, the federal government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called for called for a de-escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas militant group, while expressing deep concern about the situation and called on both sides to exercise restraint and prioritize the safety of civilians.

Chief Kayode who seems not satisfied with the statement from the Nigeria government, asked them “to rise to the occasion and condemn this great evil that has been done to Israel, adding that there should be “no more fence-sitting,” stressing that Israel has never failed to condemn Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria.

The APC Chieftain who stated this through a post on his X platform also said that the Hamas group is worse than many other terrorist groups put together.

“Can you imagine over 1000 Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists breaking through our borders and swarming into our territory like hungry and deadly rodents and cockroaches in one morning killing over 400 innocent Nigerian citizens and wounding, maiming and abducting thousands of others from their streets and homes?

“Can you imagine them firing over 4000 deadly rockets into our country destroying much of the infrastructure in our border towns in the space of 12 hours?

“That is what happened to Israel yesterday.

“Hamas is worse than ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and the Taliban all put together.

“They are nothing but vicious animals and heartless barbarians. It is time for our Govt to rise to the occasion and condemn this great evil that has been done to Israel. No more fence-sitting.

“Whenever Boko Haram or ISWAP kill our people the State of Israel always condemn it, express their concern and stand with us. It is time for us to do the same for them.”

He further stated that “Hamas has nothing to do with freedom-fighting, the quest for self-determination, Islam or Palestinian rights.

“They are not interested in any of these things which is why most of the Arab world, including the Palestinians of the West Bank, shun and despise them.

“They are nothing but cold-blooded killers, genocidal maniacs, ethnic cleansers and mass murderers and their singular objective, with the tacit support of Shia Iran, is to wipe the State of Israel off the face of the earth.

“As long as Jesus sits on the throne this will NEVER happen.”

Chief Fani-Kayode also called “on the Israeli Defence Force and the Government of PM Bibi Netanyahu to totally crush Hamas, wipe out its members, flatten Gaza from the skies and send in ground troops to forcefully occupy the whole of the Gaza strip.

“The entire civilised world stands with Israel. Those that are not and those that are sitting on the fence are standing with and encouraging the worst form of evil.”

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