Enoh urged to adopt new strategies to improve sports development in Nigeria

Newly appointed Minister of Sports, Senator John Owan Enoh (JOE), faces the pivotal task of revitalizing Nigeria’s sporting sector, diverging from previous patterns to usher in a new era of progress and rekindled hope. In a departure from tradition, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has designated Senator JOE as the focused overseer of sports, excluding youth development from his responsibilities.

Having held notable positions, including representing Cross State Central Senatorial District and chairing the Finance and Appropriation committee in the House of Reps, Senator JOE brings his wealth of experience to the fore. His foray into the All Progressive Congress (APC) and participation in governance reflect his commitment to service.

Despite his impressive track record, stakeholders emphasize that Senator JOE must translate his accomplishments into concrete action within the sporting realm. Advocates such as Mr. Patrick Ugbe emphasize the need for a focus on sports development, steering clear of political entanglements.

Professor Sadiq Abdullahi, who provided guidance to previous sports ministers, underscores the significance of aligning Senator JOE’s vision with President Tinubu’s “Renewed Hope” policy and capitalizing on existing programs. Acknowledging challenges such as stakeholder dynamics and budgetary allocation, Abdullahi urges diligence and strategic planning.

Further suggestions include maintaining an open-door policy, tapping into the expertise of former athletes, and establishing initiatives to aid retired sports personalities. It is crucial for Senator JOE to navigate leadership tussles within sporting federations and to ensure robust tournament preparations.

Col. Sam Ahmedu stresses adherence to constitutional and ethical norms within National Sports Federations, coupled with the implementation of an insurance scheme for retired athletes.

Mallam Mohammed Adam Mouktar emphasizes the importance of President Tinubu’s aspirations, highlighting that Senator JOE’s success will mirror football’s performance under his tenure. A cohesive strategy, involvement of experienced athletes, and avoiding disputes in federations are pivotal to his success.

To achieve impactful change, Godwin Obasogie advocates the inclusion of former athletes in decision-making processes and suggests Senator JOE draw from his wide-ranging experiences.

As Senator JOE steps into his role, the sports community eagerly anticipates his actions and the transformative journey ahead, with both optimism and watchful eyes.

Edited By Damilola Adeleke

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