Eid el-Kabir: Sultan Urges Muslims to Search for New Moon on Thursday

The Sultan of Sokoto and President General of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, has declared Thursday, June 6th, 2024, as the day when Muslims should commence searching for the new moon of Dhul Hijja, 1445 AH.

In a statement issued by Prof. Sambo Wali Junaidu, the Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Religious Affairs at the Sultanate Council in Sokoto, it was mentioned that Thursday corresponds to the 29th of Dhul-Qidah, 1445 AH. Muslims are urged to report the sighting of the new moon to their local district or village leaders for further transmission to the Sultan.

Dhul-Hijjah is the twelfth month in the Islamic calendar and is notably one of the sacred months during which the Hajj pilgrimage and Eid al-Adha celebrations occur.

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