Close associate of late musician, Mohbad, alleges threats to his life prior to death

By Damilola Adeleke

Music promoter and talent manager, Paul Okoye, aka. Paul O, has revealed that late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, once told him he needed extra security because of threats to his life.

Paul O disclosed this during an Instagram session with renowned on-air personality Daddy Freeze and music legend, Daddy Showkey.

Mohbad died last Tuesday and was buried on Wednesday in Ikorodu, with his death attracting concerns and generating buzz on social media since last week.

The event promoter revealed that he gave Mohbad his first show in London and said the late singer confided in him by expressing concerns about threats to his life.

He also said that Mohbad looked disturbed and constantly lived in panic throughout the event. However, he did not understand the extent of the bullying and depression he(Mohbad) was enduring at the time.

Paul O said: “I said, we are going to London, just get me your passport, I will get you your visa. We are doing a tour in the UK, not only London so we will go to Birmingham and Manchester, and we sort everything out. It was just the panic, even when he came to London and we were in one of the hotels, I can’t remember now, and he started telling me that there is a threat coming for him.

I didn’t know this thing was so bad as this, I am not going to lie, I did not know that it was bad, bad, bad like this. When he told me that he needed security, I asked him if he was on dr** what is the security going to do?

Paul O also said he assured him of his safety and promised to provide security men to protect him.

He added: “That was when he spoke with him and I told him that as far as you are here, you are protected, you are okay and nobody is going to do anything to you.

“I spoke to him and his manager, (Seyi). I said nobody is doing anything to you, we will get you security guys……. London is a free place and nobody is pursuing you here.”

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