China’s Minister Wang visits Russia for security talks

China has sent its Foreign Minister Wang Yi to pay Russia a visit on the grounds of security and will be in Russia from Monday to Thursday the Foreign Ministry said in a brief statement.

The foreign diplomats said his stay in Russia would be for strategic security consultations.

Just after the visit that sparked conspiracy talk of North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un with , Russia President over arm deal, Chinese Foreign minister visit the country.

Earlier this month Mr Putin had said he would be expecting to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping, but did not disclose when.

The US has continuously accused China for aiding Russia economically and supplying key technology ever since the war began.

But, China in response has denied all allegations and declared it still maintains an objective position on the war.

China and Russia has been in close ally before the Ukraine-Russian war started in February 2022.

According to Russian media, the meeting’s main topics will be the war in Ukraine, the development of NATO forces and infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific area, and improving cooperation among member states of international organizations like the UN.

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