Burna Boy: Grateful Fela wasn’t around in this era of social media

In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in New York, Grammy-winning Nigerian artist Burna Boy shared his perspective on the lasting legacy of afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. Burna Boy suggested that if Fela were alive and active in today’s contemporary times, his impact might face a different reception.

Burna Boy expressed his belief that today’s societal landscape is characterized by shallowness, ignorance, and a lack of spiritual depth. He implied that if Fela emerged as an artist in the present era, his messages and activism might not find as receptive an audience due to the prevailing dominance of superficiality and instant gratification.

While acknowledging the enduring relevance of the themes Fela addressed during his lifetime, Burna Boy pointed out that the amplification of such issues through modern communication channels could lead to heightened criticism and opposition from various segments of society. He speculated that individuals who now celebrate Fela might react differently to his messages if they were disseminated in today’s fast-paced and often contentious digital environment.

Burna Boy emphasized the significance of Fela’s era, expressing gratitude that Fela lived during a time that allowed him to authentically convey his messages and artistic expressions. He suggested that the unique circumstances of that era contributed to the organic nature of Fela’s work and his ability to deeply connect with audiences.

Edited By Damilola Adeleke

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