Another Body Found in Libyan Waters Amid Ongoing Search

A tragic discovery was made on Saturday as a body was found off the coast of Libya, just a day after a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) rescue ship uncovered a devastating scene.

On Friday, the MSF vessel recovered the bodies of 11 migrants in the same Mediterranean area and rescued over 160 people from perilous boats.

Sea Watch, a non-profit organization, reported the latest finding on social media platform X, stating, “Our aircraft crew spotted 11 bodies yesterday, and another one has been found today. The search continues.”

The 11 bodies recovered by MSF are slated for transfer to an Italian coast guard ship and will be temporarily held on the island of Lampedusa, according to Italian media.

This incident underscores the ongoing migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. Italy has called on Tunisia and Libya to intensify efforts to prevent migrants from embarking on these dangerous journeys.

However, Italy has also implemented restrictions on rescue ships, arguing that they encourage migration. Charity organizations like MSF and Sea Watch contest this claim, highlighting the critical need for timely rescues.

The restrictions have led to rescue ships being redirected to distant ports, thereby delaying assistance to survivors. MSF criticized the decision to send their ship, Geo Barents, to the northern port of Genoa, over 650 nautical miles away, rather than closer ports in Sicily.

“This will significantly delay assistance for the survivors who have already endured so much,” MSF stated.

The Mediterranean migrant crisis continues to take lives, prompting urgent calls from international organizations for action to address this humanitarian emergency.

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