AHBN Establishes Hazard Fund for Health Journalists

The Africa Health Budget Network (AHBN) has committed N1 million as a start-up grant for the Emergency and Health Hazards Trust Fund dedicated to health journalists.

During a congress of the Association of Nigeria Health Journalists (ANHeJ) in Abuja, AHBN Coordinator Dr. Aminu Magashi announced the initiative and personally contributed N250,000 to the fund.

AHBN is a coalition of organizations and individuals focused on budget advocacy to improve health service delivery across Africa. Dr. Magashi explained that the trust fund aims to support health journalists who face physical and mental injuries, assault, theft, and flooding in the course of their work.

He emphasized the risks associated with the profession and urged support for journalists as they perform their vital societal roles.

“Journalists are often taken for granted. We rarely consider what they go through when covering our events for public dissemination. Organizers may even chastise them for tardiness without understanding the circumstances,” Dr. Magashi remarked.

“Journalists are human like everyone else, with feelings, commitments, and a constitutionally recognized duty. Society should not take them for granted,” he added.

ANHeJ President Joseph Kadiri praised AHBN for its support and pledged transparency and accountability in managing the fund.

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