10th Assembly Considers Constitutional Roles for Traditional Institutions and Local Governments

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Tajudeen Abbas, announced that the 10th Assembly is working towards constitutionally recognized roles for traditional institutions and securing autonomy for Local Governments in Nigeria.

**Paragraph 2:**
During the ongoing ‘Open Week’ celebration marking the first anniversary of the 10th House of Representatives, Dr. Abbas highlighted the formation of two special Standing Committees. These committees are tasked with advancing the constitutional autonomy of Local Governments and granting official recognition to traditional institutions in Nigeria.

**Paragraph 3:**
The Committee on Traditional Institutions is focused on achieving legal recognition for traditional bodies in the forthcoming constitutional amendment. The Committee on States and Local Governments is also pivotal in this process, according to Dr. Abbas.

**Paragraph 4:**
“We believe the security of our country will be significantly enhanced if traditional institutions are given more defined roles,” stated Dr. Abbas.

**Paragraph 5:**
Dr. Abbas emphasized that the success of the ongoing constitutional amendment relies on the involvement of State governments, State Houses of Assembly, Local Government Councils, and their councilors.

**Paragraph 6:**
Traditional rulers, led by the Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, Chairman of the Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers, contributed to the discussion. Etsu Nupe noted that the Nigerian traditional institution, established before the colonial era, played a crucial role in the administration of colonial rules.

**Paragraph 7:**
Yakubu Maikyau, President of the Nigerian Bar Association, also advocated for constitutional roles for traditional institutions. He urged the leadership of the 10th National Assembly to address legal and legislative barriers preventing the full potential of traditional institutions from being realized.

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