These 9 billionaires are not yet 30

Edited by Damilola Adeleke

In a world where the top 5 billionaires on Forbes range from 52 to 92 years old, a group of young individuals have managed to achieve billionaire status before reaching the age of 30 years old.

While many of them inherited their wealth, they are poised to become the next generation of the world’s wealthiest individuals. 

Nairametrics unveils the profiles of the world’s youngest billionaire who has not turned 30 years old. 

9. Clemente Del Vecchio (19 years)- $3.9B

Nineteen-year-old billionaire, Clemente Del Vecchio is one of six children of the late chairman Leonardo Del Vecchio. The teenager inherited a 12.5% stake in his father’s Luxembourg-based holding company, Delfin.  

Clemente’s holding company owns shares in EssilorLuxottica, the largest eyeglasses firm worldwide, as well as insurer Generali, banks Mediobanca and UniCredit, and real estate developer Covivio.  

The Italian billionaire and brother Luca, are offsprings of Del Vecchio and their mother, Sabina Grossi, Luxottica’s former head of investor relations.  

He was first named the world’s youngest billionaire after inheriting his father’s fortune in 2022. 

8. Luca Del Vecchio(21 years)-$3.9B 

Luca is the biological brother and one of two children Del Vecchio had with Sabina Grossi, Luxottica’s former head of investor relations, along with his brother Clemente. He also owns a 12.5% stake in his father’s company.  

7. Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio(28 years)-$3.9B 

Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio is one of six children of Leonardo Del Vecchio, the late chairman (d. 2022) of EssilorLuxottica, the world’s largest eyeglasses firm. Born to Nicoletta Zampilo, Leonardo is the half-brother of the youngest billionaire in the world. 

Like his half-brother, he inherited a 12.5% stake in his father’s Luxembourg-based holding company Delfin after his death, along with his mother and six half-siblings. 

Besides EssilorLuxottica, Delfin also owns shares in insurer Generali, banks Mediobanca and UniCredit and real estate developer Covivio. 

He is also the CEO of eyeglasses retailer Salmoiraghi & Viganò, which EssilorLuxottica acquired for an undisclosed amount in 2016. 

 6. Kim Jung-youn (19 years)- $1.1B 

Kim Jung-Youn owns about 31% of NXC, the largest shareholder in the online gaming giant Nexon.  

She and her older sister, Jung-min, inherited the majority of their stakes from their father, Kim Jung-ju, who founded Nexon in 1994.  

The duo have managed to stay under the radar partly due to their non-involvement in Nexon’s operations. 

5. Kevin David Lehmann (20 years)- $2.6B  

Established in 1973 by Goetz Werner- Drogerie Markt is Germany’s leading drugstore chain, dm (drogerie market), which generates over $14 billion in annual revenue. Kevin owns about 50% of the company.  

Kevin David’s father, Guenther, who previously ran the family’s Pfannkuch grocery chain, quietly transferred ownership of his 50% stake in dm to Kevin David in 2017. Both Kevin David and his father have had no operational involvement in dm. 

4 Kim Jung-min(21 years)-$1.1B

Jung-min jointly owns shares with her younger sister, Kim Jung-young. Jung Min owns about 31% of NXC, which is the largest shareholder in online gaming giant Nexon. 

According to Forbes, both sisters inherited the bulk of their stakes from their father Kim Jung-ju, who founded Nexon in 1994; he died in February 2022. 

3. Alexandra Andresen (26 years)-$1.5B

Alexandra Adresen and her sister Katharina each own 42% of Ferd, a family-owned investment company.

Their father, Johan, currently runs the company and controls 70% of the votes through a dual-class share structure.

Ferd engages in hedge funds, active investing on the Nordic stock exchange, and private equity investments. 

2. Wang Zelong(27 years)-$1.1B

Amassing his billion-dollar fortune from his stake in CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide, a Chinese producer of titanium dioxide- Wang Zelong is Asia’s youngest billionaire.  

1. Ryan Breslow (29 years)-$1.1B

Ryan Breslow is a self-made billionaire. He became popular after he dropped out of Stanford in 2014 to launch payment startup Bolt. In January 2022, he transitioned from CEO to executive chairman.

Breslow has successfully raised $1.3 billion for Bolt, with investors such as BlackRock, General Atlantic, and SAP. Bolt offers an Amazon-style checkout experience to millions of online retailers. While private markets have experienced a decline, Forbes estimates Bolt’s current value to be around $5 billion.  

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