Taskforce cautions against the imposition of numerous taxes in Taraba

The Presidential Task Force against economic sabotage and multiple taxation in Taraba State has issued a warning against illegal taxation practices on federal highways.

The State Team Lead, Mafindi Danburam, emphasized that taxes on goods and items are only permissible at the point of loading and unloading, and any form of taxation beyond that is considered illegal.

Danburam announced the commencement of the demolition of illegal roadblocks that have been set up for multiple taxation on federal highways in Taraba State. He highlighted the task force’s commitment to protecting highway commuters and haulage drivers from intimidation and harassment by individuals mounting unauthorized roadblocks for tax collection purposes.

Danburam clarified that the task force’s role is not to collect revenue but to monitor and ensure that heavy-duty vehicles carrying goods are not subjected to illegal taxation on the highways. He acknowledged complaints about Taraba’s federal highways being notorious for multiple taxations, which have led some commuters to seek alternative routes.

The State Team Lead warned that individuals or groups found engaging in illegal taxation practices would face legal consequences and urged those involved in such activities to find alternative means of livelihood.

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