Subsidy: Tech Firm To Digitalise Road Transport Sector

Edited by Damilola Adeleke

Nairaxi, a privately-owned organization, has announced its plans to digitize the transportation sector in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria. This initiative is being undertaken in collaboration with the FCT authorities and other state governments that are willing to partner with Nairaxi to mitigate the impact of fuel subsidy removal in the country.

During a press conference in Abuja, titled “Digitalized Mass Transit Systems in Cushioning the Effect of Subsidy Removal in Nigeria,” Kingsley Eze, the co-founder and CEO of Nairaxi, revealed the organization’s intentions. Eze stated that Nairaxi is working in partnership with the FCT and other state governments, as well as road transport operators, to enhance operational efficiency through the application of technology and streamlined payment tracking.

Eze explained, “Our discussions with the FCT are centered around providing assistance in digitizing their bus fleet. As a private company, our role is to leverage technology and ensure the government’s investments in transportation are sustainable. We aim to assist state governments and other operators in optimizing their technological capabilities, ensuring proper revenue allocation, and implementing effective payment tracking systems. These measures will enhance the efficiency of the transport system, increase revenue generation, and contribute to the overall sustainability of the transport industry, which is what Nairaxi can offer.”

He further emphasized that considering the market demand and the removal of fuel subsidy, it is crucial to provide palliative measures through private sector involvement, thereby facilitating progress and development in the country.

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