Qoray unveils Nigeria’s first fully solar-powered EV Battery Swap Station

On May 21, 2024, Qoray, a pioneer in the electric mobility space, launched Nigeria’s first fully solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) battery swap stations in Kano State, Nigeria. These landmark stations put another feather in Qoray’s hat and signal a significant leap in the nation’s transition towards sustainable urban transportation.

This milestone follows the handover of 120 Qoray Teak electric 3-wheelers to the Mata Zalla and Yar Baiwa women’s cooperative societies in Kano with the aim of fostering profitable ventures, job creation, and gender inclusion, in conjunction with The Alternative Bank.

Qoray, in keeping with its leading position in the industry since the launch of Nigeria’s first publicly available charging station in June 2023 and the unveiling of the single largest EV fleet in Nigeria in May 2024, expects this latest achievement to further stimulate the growth and confidence in the Nigerian New Energy economy in alignment with the 2060 Net Zero ambitions of the Federal Government.

The Qoray flagship battery swap stations comprise of 2 locations and 5 swap cabinets, with each equipped with 12 Lithium-Ion battery charging compartments. Each fully charged battery is expected to deliver up to 100km range on a single swap. The system is also fitted with a charging protocol that recognizes special NFC cards, allowing users to make payment for the battery swaps with a simple tap.

Qoray’s innovative approach to electric mobility aims to address the unique challenges of the Nigerian market by providing practical and efficient solutions that improve existing fueling behaviour. Operators and owners of the electric vehicles can enjoy a quick and convenient alternative to long charging and wait times as depleted batteries can be exchanged in 5 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

The battery swap stations are part of Qoray’s broader strategy to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across Nigeria. By addressing the critical issue of access to reliable charging infrastructure, Qoray is making EV ownership more convenient and accessible for the everyday user. This initiative aligns with Qoray’s mission to promote cleaner, safer, and more sustainable transportation solutions for broad use cases, including the usually excluded demographies.

The 2 facilities, which are equipped with interactive, user-friendly interface and the capacity to cycle out around 200 solar-charged batteries daily, are sited at strategic locations in Kano to serve Qoray’s growing EV users and contribute to the reduction of harmful carbon emissions.

At the launch, Olabanjo Alimi, Managing Director of Qoray, expressed enthusiasm at the successful deployment of the station, stating that “the launch of Nigeria’s first fully equipped solar-powered battery swap stations is not only a milestone for Qoray and the nation but a testament to our commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation. It underscores our commitment to driving innovation in the mobility sector and supporting Nigeria’s transition to a greener future.”

Qoray’s Head of Mobility, Akinkunmi Akingbogun, added that “the newly unveiled Qoray EV battery swap station is a significant step towards creating a comprehensive and sustainable EV ecosystem in Nigeria. It reflects Qoray’sdedication to providing innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of the our market. As Qoray continues to expand its infrastructure and services, it remains committed to leading the charge in Africa’s green mobility revolution.”

Qoray is an electric mobility initiative focused on accelerating the adoption of cleaner, safer, and more sustainable transportation solutions in Africa’s first and last mile. By providing access to easy-to-acquire electric mobility assets, infrastructure, services, and financing, Qoray is leading the transition from combustion engines to green transportation, ensuring prosperity for people and the planet.

Qoray provides electric vehicle, charging infrastructure and financing access using expert knowledge of the local context toward delivering products and solutions that solve mobility challenges in the Nigerian economy.

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