Police Deny assaulting a man because he was unwilling to give up his phone.

The Nigerian cops Force has responded to the viral video showing cops dragging a man down the street in Ojo, Lagos State’s Ishashi neighborhood. In response to the video that was circulated on Twitter, Benjamin Hundeyin, the police spokesman for Lagos State, said this.
Police officers can be seen dragging a young man and attempting to stop him from using his phone in the viral footage that was posted on Sunday.
In response to a user’s claim that police officers beat the man because he wouldn’t hand over his phone, Hundeyin refuted it by claiming that suspects who have been arrested in delicate cases like cultism aren’t allowed to make calls right away to avoid alerting their gang members to destroy evidence.
“Your narrative is false and deceptive,” he tweeted. Ishashi is undoubtedly one of Lagos State’s epicenters of cultism. The fact that these cults heavily utilize drugs is also well documented. Therefore, if you randomly searched three young males who were walking together and found hard drugs on one of them, you should check into it further.

“Yes, he was unable to make a call. Nobody made an effort to retrieve his phone. In other instances, this is not the norm. This particular situation verges on cultism, a crime. In critical circumstances like cultism, newly detained detainees will not be permitted to make calls IMMEDIATELY so as not to signal their gang mates to destroy evidence and flee. Calls may be placed after the initial documentation and while the IPO is present. Nothing regarding the phone was involved; this was a blatant instance of resisting arrest.

“Using showmanship and baseless charges in relation to delicate topics like phone searches won’t stop #LagosPoliceNG from carrying out its mission. Making malicious video recordings won’t make the police compliant either.


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