Nigeria experiences power outage as National Grid fails once more.

Nigeria has been plunged into darkness once again as the national grid experienced a system collapse on Saturday, leading to a nationwide power outage.

Emeka Ezeh, the Head of Corporate Communications at Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, confirmed the incident in a notice issued on Saturday, stating that the collapse occurred around 15:09 hours.

As a result of the system collapse, bulk electricity supply from the Transmission Company of Nigeria National Control Centre has been disrupted, leading to a loss of power supply in the Southeastern states of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo. The EEDC has indicated that their interface TCN stations are also affected, rendering them unable to provide services to customers in the affected states.

This recent grid collapse comes in the wake of a decline in electricity generation to 4,723.30 megawatts on July 4, 2024, compared to 4,800 megawatts in May. The country has experienced at least three system collapses in 2024 alone, with the total number of collapses reaching 227 in the last 14 years according to the Transmission Company of Nigeria.

The timing of these power outages is concerning, especially considering recent electricity tariff hikes for Band A customers, who were promised 20-24 hours of power supply.

The tariff for Band A customers has increased significantly, further adding to the challenges faced by consumers in accessing reliable electricity in Nigeria.

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