Lionel Messi uncovers origin of new Marvel superhero merrymaking

Inter Miami captain, Lionel Messi has revealed the origin of his new Marvel superhero celebrations.

Recall that Messi recently amazed fans with an unusual festivity after scoring a goal in Inter Miami’s Leagues Cup win against Atlanta United.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner replicated Thor’s movement by attracting his hammera celebration that immediately took over social networks and went viral.

Also, in Inter Miami’s next game against Orlando City, Messi celebrated his goal by referencing Black Panther and the famous symbol of ‘Wakanda Forever’.

Similarly, in the game against Charlotte FC, the former Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona forward scored the fourth goal that sealed the victory for Inter Miami and celebrated it by making the iconic gesture of Spiderman pulling out a web.

Speaking with Miami Herald ahead of Inter Miami’s Leagues Cup final with Nashville SC on Sunday, Messi explained the reasons behind his new Marvel superhero celebrations, saying: “My three children are still on vacation, they have not started school yet, so every night we watch Marvel superhero movies.

“They came up with the idea and they asked me that every time I have a game and score a goal, do a Marvel superhero celebration.

“This is how it all started, and we continued with that ritual. Every time we saw a new movie, we would practice goal celebration. But I only do them for games at home, when the children are here, close to me, so we can share those moments.”

“When I see them in the stands, that is when I do them,” Messi added.

Lionel Messi reveals origin of new Marvel superhero celebrations

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