Leader of Attempted Coup in Bolivia Arrested

Bolivian authorities have arrested General Juan José Zúñiga, a key figure in an attempted coup, just hours after soldiers stormed the presidential palace in La Paz.

Gen. Zúñiga was removed from his position on Tuesday following his incendiary remarks about Bolivia’s former president, Evo Morales. The rebel leader declared his intention to “restructure democracy” and, while temporarily respecting President Luis Arce, hinted at an impending government change.

President Arce strongly condemned the coup attempt, urging the public to “organize and mobilize in favor of democracy.” In a televised address from the presidential palace, he stated, “We cannot allow coup attempts to take Bolivian lives once again.”

His message resonated with many, prompting pro-democracy demonstrators to rally in support of the government.

President Arce also announced the appointment of new military commanders, confirming Gen. Zúñiga’s dismissal following his public criticism of Morales.

Former President Morales, who also denounced the coup attempt, called for criminal charges against Gen. Zúñiga and his “accomplices.”

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