Japanese man reportedly spends $20k to transform himself into a dog

A Japanese man identified with the name Toco has amazed old and young with him spending a staggering $20,000 to transform himself into a border collie dog.

Toco got to accomplish this incredible feat by obtaining a hyper-realistic dog costume produced by a Japanese company known as Zeppet.

He spent 40 days creating a detailed disguise so that he could go out in public as a dog and experience his first walk and filmed his experience for his official YouTube channel as he ventured out into the streets, fully embracing his newfound identity.

Along the way, he was able to make friends with other dogs while onlookers and their furry friends marveled at his remarkable realism and lifelike motions.

They didn’t appear to be able to tell him apart from a real four-legged companion.

Toco said that his infatuation with changing into a dog has been a constant part of his life since he was a little boy in the open notes that came along with his uncommon change.

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