Israel boast of it’s readiness at war after surprise Hamas attack

According to AP Report, Israel has said it is at war as its soldiers battle Hamas fighters in the streets of southern Israel and launch airstrikes on Gaza, the day after an unprecedented surprise attack by Hamas fighters.

With briefing from men in northern Israel, a brief exchange of strikes with Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group raised fears of a broader conflict. Prime Minister Benjamin said Sunday that his Security Cabinet has formally declared the country at war.

A major question now is whether Israel will launch a ground assault into Gaza, a move that in the past has brought intensified casualties.

Israel’s minister for strategic affairs, Ron Dermer, said American citizens are among those who were taken captive but gave no details about them, nor about Americans who might have been killed.

“Unfortunately I can’t. We have a lot of dual citizens in Israel. I suspect there are several, but we’re still trying to sort through all of all this information after this horrific surprise attack and we’ll make sure to put that information out so that the loved ones of these people who were killed and who are held hostage, they know as quickly as possible,” Dermer told CNN’s ‘’State of the Union.’’

“But these attacks on Israel are a terrible watershed, so we will review our whole commitment to the Palestinian areas,” she added.

Schulze in his submission emphasised that Israel also has an interest in Palestinians being able to stay in long-term stability, and said Germany will also coordinate with its international partners.

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