Husband in Florida admits to killing wife

By Damilola Adeleke

In 1998, a 21-year-old Nigerian soldier named Hassan Adeyemo, hailing from Ibadan, met and fell in love with an 18-year-old girl named Sarah from Bauchi. Their love story began with a strong attraction, and they married in 1999. Over time, they were blessed with four children: three daughters and one son. Hassan deeply cared for his family and insisted that Sarah not work due to the stress. He provided for all their needs.

In 2014, Hassan decided to send his family to the United States for a better life. Sarah and the kids arrived in 2014, with Hassan arranging their accommodation and supporting them financially from Nigeria. Despite the distance, Hassan maintained a strong bond with his family, and they were content.

In 2017, Hassan, missing his family immensely, decided to join them in America. However, he had to start over with low-paying jobs as he didn’t have legal documentation initially. Despite his efforts, Sarah’s career took off unexpectedly when she began braiding hair, eventually becoming well-known in Orlando, Florida, for her skills. Her income supported the family, as Hassan’s earnings couldn’t cover all expenses.

The relationship strained as Sarah complained that Hassan couldn’t meet her lifestyle expectations. She became the primary provider for the family, leading to tensions. Sarah began treating Hassan poorly, asserting control over the household and criticizing him.

Hassan, a peace-loving man, appealed to his wife for harmony but faced increasing emotional distress. He even contemplated suicide and confided in friends about his struggles. They advised him to consider leaving the marriage since it appeared Sarah was no longer in love with him.

In January 2022, Sarah informed Hassan that she had purchased a new house. Although they moved together, Sarah continued mistreating Hassan, asserting her dominance, and belittling him. She gradually isolated him from the family, and the children sided with her as she was the breadwinner. Sarah’s disrespect escalated, and she even locked him out of their house at times.

Hassan’s depression deepened, and he became despondent, still hoping for a change. In April 2023, Sarah purchased another house, separating Hassan from her and their sons. She instructed Hassan to move their belongings to her new house while keeping the boys with him. She controlled visitation, only allowing Hassan to see the children with her approval.

On August 21, 2023, Hassan was informed that his sons would live with Sarah, and he was to stay in the old house. He complied with Sarah’s instructions, moving their belongings on a Friday night. However, Sarah refused to let him inside her new house, leaving him locked out.

The following day, Hassan’s 46th birthday, Sarah sent him a message suggesting they remain friends rather than lovers and asked him to find a new place to live. A few hours later, he visited to bring groceries for the children. When he arrived, he shot Sarah multiple times in a fit of rage, called 911 to confess, and waited at the scene.

Paramedics rushed Sarah to the hospital, where she clung to life for two hours before passing away. Hassan is now in Orange County Jail in Florida, likely facing a severe penalty, such as the death sentence or life in prison without parole.

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