Highlights: Biden-Trump Debate Kicks Off 2024 Presidential Election

The 2024 U.S. Presidential election season began last night with a highly anticipated debate between President Joe Biden, representing the Democratic Party, and former President Donald Trump, representing the Republican Party.

This historic debate, the first where a sitting president faced off against a former president, was hosted by CNN in Atlanta.

Voter Concerns

Key issues for American voters include the economy and inflation, abortion rights, immigration, and the age of the candidates. Biden is 82, while Trump is 79.


President Biden proposed a bipartisan immigration agreement, criticizing Trump for separating children and unfairly handling immigration, despite recent border reforms reducing illegal crossings. Trump accused Biden of allowing rampant illegal migration, claiming millions of criminals entered the country over the past three and a half years.

Military Welfare

Biden highlighted his administration’s efforts to support veterans and active military personnel, including better equipment. Trump argued that Biden’s immigration policies strained Social Security and Medicare, pledging to eliminate these stresses without specifying how.

Economic Support for Minorities

Biden praised his administration for empowering black-owned small businesses and increasing childcare support for black families, promising to continue these initiatives if re-elected. Trump blamed Biden’s border policies for job losses among black and Hispanic communities, describing the U.S. as a failing state and accusing Biden of diminishing foreign respect.

Substance Abuse

Regarding substance abuse, particularly fentanyl, Trump blamed uncontrolled immigration. Biden announced a Congressional deal for drug detection machines and accused Trump of influencing Republicans to block the bill for political reasons.


Biden touted his administration’s achievements in job creation and taxation, pledging to tackle inflation and noting the economy’s recovery. Trump expressed a willingness to respect a fair election outcome, though he initially hesitated to answer.

Candidate Age

Biden defended his record in public service, noting that Trump, only three years younger, is less competent. Trump claimed he felt as strong as he did 25 years ago and challenged Biden to a golf match.

Foreign Policy

Trump promised to resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict before the election and criticized Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Biden stressed the importance of curbing Russian aggression and labeled the Russian President a war criminal. He rejected Trump’s claim that the U.S. is a failing state, asserting that it remains a strong and vibrant nation.

Debate Duration

The debate, scheduled for 90 minutes, extended by six minutes as both candidates exchanged strong words. Biden referred to Trump as a convicted felon, referencing his recent New York court conviction, while Trump retaliated by calling Biden’s son, Hunter, a convicted felon.

Both candidates are expected to intensify their campaigns in the coming days. The next presidential debate, hosted by ABC News, is scheduled for September.

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