Fuel subsidy: Petroleum product distributors protest against the apparent increase in fuel loading fees  

Distributors of Petroleum products in Nigeria under the umbrella of the Association of Distributors and Transporters of Petroleum Products (ADITOP) kicked against the alleged rise of truck loading fees for petrol by the Petroleum Tanker Drivers Association (PTD). 

This was disclosed by its National President, Alhaji Lawal Dan-Zaki in a statement in Abuja on Thursday. 

They cite an “arbitrary increase” of loading fees, which they claim is an alarming abuse and impunity, of levies imposed by the PTD. 

Loading fees 

The Association of Distributors and Transporters of Petroleum Products (ADITOP) in a statement in Abuja on Thursday said one of the major concerns of the association is the alleged alarming abuse, impunity, and arbitrary increase of levies imposed by the PTD, they said: 

“At present, the PTD collects N60,000 per truck for loading and is planning a further increase. 

”We in the ADITOP vehemently oppose this. This exorbitant increase places an undue burden on the already struggling general public and serves no productive purpose at this critical juncture in the downstream sector,”  

Unpatriotic charges 

Alhaji Lawal Dan-Zaki noted that ADITOP firmly believes no association in the oil and gas industry should be permitted to collect unreasonable levies per truck of PMS, he added: 

“By doing so, the association aims to restore a fair and just system that promotes cooperation and sustainability across the industry. 

“Due to these unpatriotic and illegal collections, the members of ADITOP wish to inform the general public and all stakeholders in the downstream sector of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry that the association will soon commence nationwide operations. 

“This will include but not be limited to nationwide road service and safety measures for members in addition to the collection of levies. 

They added they will not stand by and allow this obvious exemption against our members to persist, urging the FG to intervene promptly and stop the petroleum tanker drivers from terrorizing other stakeholders in the oil industry. 

Edited by Damilola Adeleke

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