Flood threatens Ondo Road; monarch requests government assistance

In Irese community, located in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State, residents are urgently calling on the state government to address the recurring issue of flooding that has plagued the area.

Reports indicate that the town’s roads have been overwhelmed by floodwaters, severely impeding the movement of vehicles to and from the community. The situation has worsened since the onset of the rainy season, rendering the only tarred road in a deplorable state and almost impassable.

The monarch of Irese town, Oba Ahmed Saka, expressed deep concern about the risks associated with traveling on the road during the rainy season. He earnestly appealed to the state government for assistance in constructing a more durable road equipped with proper drainage systems. Such measures are necessary to avert the community from being completely cut off due to the incessant flooding.

The residents of Irese community are eagerly hoping for swift intervention from the government to address the flooding issue and ensure the safety and accessibility of their roads.

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