DHQ Deploys Troops Nationwide to Protect Farmers

In a bid to ensure food security, the Defence Headquarters has deployed troops across the nation to protect farmers during this year’s harvest season.

Major-General Edward Buba, Director of Defence Media Operations, announced this during a briefing on military operations for the second quarter of 2024 in Abuja.

General Buba reaffirmed the Defence Headquarters’ commitment to dismantling terrorist threats and safeguarding citizens. He emphasized that the protection of farmers has been integrated into military operations for the current rainy season.

The Director highlighted the Armed Forces’ significant achievements in operations across the country’s six geopolitical zones during the second quarter of the year.

General Buba underscored the military’s unwavering commitment to national security and urged Nigerians to continue supporting security agencies in combating insecurity.

Despite Nigeria’s favorable agro-ecological conditions, food and nutrition insecurity remains prevalent. With a total landmass of 92.4 million hectares, only about 32 million hectares, or 34.63%, are under cultivation.

This shortfall means Nigeria struggles to meet the food and nutritional needs of its population, leading to high levels of food insecurity and undernutrition, among the worst globally.

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