Conflict Over Kingship: Numerous Individuals Avoid Fatality as Thugs Vandalize Homes and Vehicles in Ebonyi Community


A tumultuous situation unfolded in Nkomoro Community, located in Ezza North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, during a coronation ceremony, resulting in widespread violence and destruction early on Saturday.

Reports indicate that at least ten vehicles were damaged, and numerous houses, motorcycles, and valuable properties were set ablaze due to heavy hostilities that erupted over a kingship tussle in the area.

Several individuals narrowly escaped harm, including journalists who were present to cover the coronation event.
Among the journalists targeted by the violence were Uchenna lnya from The Sun Newspaper, Chinelo Okoro from Radio Nigeria Unity FM, Abakaliki, and others, who were assaulted with stones and dangerous weapons while leaving the coronation venue.

Law enforcement personnel, soldiers, a Magistrate associated with the state judiciary named Amaechi Nwakpa, and various individuals also escaped potential harm during the chaotic situation. The conflict in Nkomoro Community stems from disagreement over the selection of a traditional ruler in the region.

Incidents escalated when hired thugs disrupted the election and coronation of a new community leader, causing further mayhem. Despite objections raised by some community members regarding a letter from the state Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters endorsing the coronation of former Resident Electoral Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Chief Jacob Nwakpa, the ceremony proceeded.

Violent outbursts ensued afterward, with enraged youths armed with weapons vandalizing vehicles and setting fire to properties within the community. Despite efforts to halt the contentious event, Chief Jacob Nwakpa was ultimately crowned as the monarch, escalating tensions further.

Efforts to reach the Ebonyi State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Joshua Ukandu, for further details on the situation were reportedly unsuccessful, as he neither answered repeated calls nor responded to text messages.

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