AKK Gas Pipeline Project to Transform Northern Nigeria’s Economy – Minister

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Muhammed Idris, has emphasized that the accelerated development of the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano (AKK) gas pipeline project will significantly enhance the economic prospects of Northern Nigeria.

During a site visit to the River Kaduna segment of the AKK Gas Pipeline Project on Friday, Mr. Idris was accompanied by the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Mr. Wale Edun, the Minister of State for Gas Resources, Mr. Ekperikpe Ekpo, and the Group Chief Executive Officer of the NNPC, Mele Kyari.

Mr. Idris stated that the project would have a substantial impact on various sectors of the Nigerian economy. “The AKK project is aimed at unlocking the vast economic potential of Northern Nigeria. The gas transported will provide essential energy to homes, businesses, and industries, and will also support transportation and reduce costs,” he explained.

He highlighted the project’s importance as a key element of Nigeria’s industrialization and economic growth strategy under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, noting it as the country’s most significant domestic gas pipeline project to date. Mr. Idris praised the President’s dedication to fostering industrialization and economic prosperity across the nation.

The Minister underscored the connection between economic development and security, suggesting that many of Northern Nigeria’s security issues are rooted in economic deprivation. He asserted that the AKK project would alleviate these issues through job creation and economic growth, particularly by boosting the agriculture value chain, which is the region’s economic foundation.

Mr. Idris also pointed to the broader national impact of such infrastructure projects, referencing three critical gas infrastructure projects inaugurated in the Niger Delta last week. Additionally, he announced an upcoming visit to Rivers State to inspect the OB3 Pipeline River Niger Crossing Project, another major gas initiative.

The Minister noted that the AKK project aligns with the Presidential Initiative on Compressed Natural Gas (Pi-CNG), which has already secured over USD 50 million in private investments. This initiative aims to establish CNG conversion and refueling facilities nationwide, advancing Nigeria’s use of its extensive gas resources.

Expressing confidence in President Tinubu’s “Decade of Gas” vision, Mr. Idris stated that the AKK pipeline project is a beacon of hope, poised to rejuvenate and revitalize the economic prospects for all Nigerians.

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