Actress Phyna Speaks Out Against Domestic Abuse After Witnessing Violent Incident

Actress Josephina Otabor, popularly known as Phyna, has publicly condemned marriage following a harrowing experience where she witnessed a man violently assaulting his wife.

Phyna recounted the incident, explaining that despite efforts to intervene, the man remained uncontrollable. The event left her shaken and grateful to have escaped a similar fate in a past relationship.

This personal encounter has instilled in Phyna a new fear of marriage and a deeper awareness of the perils associated with toxic relationships.

In response, she took to her platform on X to speak out against domestic violence and unhealthy relationships, urging her followers to “Say NO to abusive marriage.”

Phyna shared, “I just saw a man brutally beating his wife. I stopped to join those already trying to intervene, but he was like a mad dog—no one could restrain him. It was a deeply disturbing experience.”

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