1,200 Nigerians killed during illegal migration in seven months – NIS

The Nigerian Immigration Service has bemoaned the unnecessary deaths and difficulties facing Nigerians attempting to travel outside the country through illegal means.

The Comptroller, of NIS Ekiti State Command, Ademola Abdulrashed, who said Nigerians could travel abroad for reasons best known to them, advised that such must be “safe, orderly and regular”.

Abdulrashed, who spoke in Ado Ekiti on Friday during the grand finale of the three-day celebration of the 60th anniversary of NIS, with the composition, “Enhancing seamless regular migration”, said, “This Japa syndrome is a big challenge to those enrouting illegal ports of exit in the quest for greener pasture.”

He lamented that many of our youths die in the Sahara Desert, the Mediterranean Sea and so on which does not worth it, adding, “From available data from International Organisation for Migration, at least 1,200 Nigerians have died while trying to migrate through the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea in the year 2023 alone.”

“For those who survive, the dream of reaching their desired destination quickly becomes a mirage, some spend several months, even years in cells abroad for irregular migration, some are taken hostage by privateers who rob, maim, and sometimes rape the female ‘japaists’.

Edited by Damilola Adeleke

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